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Volvo has been designing and manufacturing trucks since the 1920s. Take a look at what this great company have achieved...

The Swedish truck manufacturer revolutionised the market by fitting trucks with chain-drive systems and solid rubber tyres. They also protected the driver by fitting a fully enclosed cab.

In the 1930s Volvo began to dominate in the Nordic countries. This era saw the introduction of diesel engines, steel wheels and hydraulic brakes.

The 40s saw Volvo producing trucks for the Swedish Army due to World War II. They also introduced direct-injection with the VDA engine.

The dynamic age of the 1950s saw the introduction of sleeper cabs and power-assisted steering all of which made life easier for the driver. Volvo trucks were also made easier to load without the need for devices like cranes or folk lifts.

In the 1960s Volvo crowned as the transportation king. Due to their flexibility and driver safety. They introduced the modern tilt-cab into North America with great success increasing their truck production accordingly.

Volvo set a new standard in the 70s with larger engines and more horsepower and this era also saw the F7 being named "Truck of the Year".

In the 80s, Volvo looked into their 'green footprint' and designed their engines to be better, stronger and above all, more environmentally friendly.

The 1990s saw the gradual introduction of IT-led solutions. The Dynafleet 2.0 was born which empowers drivers with IT-based tools to increase the safety and efficiency of the trucks.

In the 00's Volvo launched the NH12, a high tech vehicle fitted with all the latest technology. Their latest engine the D12D-500 was fitted with two turbo chargers to increase performance and efficiency. The VHD become a common site on most North American construction sites and also Volvo made big in-roads into the South American marketplace.

Volvo trucks are more comfortable, more efficient, more powerful and also not to forget cleaner and safer than before.

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