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DAF is one of the most respected truck manufacturers in the world. With over 85 years’ experience you can be certain whenever you see their logo that the vehicle is of the very best quality. Here at RPC UK we have a great range of DAF Trucks for Sale which means that purchasing one of these legendary machines has never been easier.

When DAF first started out they began by simply creating trailers and semi-trailers but the following year they commenced work on a lightweight chassis, an automatic semi-trailer coupling system and brake system.

Not long after this they became involved in making army vehicles before progressing onto producing coach chassis with a slider engine. In 1949 the first two-truck chassis hit the press. The A 30 was a 3-tonne vehicle and its brother the A 50 was a 5-tonne truck.

From then onwards the company continued to grow and quickly became the world renowned company that it is today. They opened their factory in 1950 and production increased to 10 – 12 trucks a week. As they continued to produce vehicles that were specifically designed for army use, technological advances developed and new innovations were constantly introduced.