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Scania Beavertail

Scania Trucks is another well-known and respected brand. It has evolved over the years to become one of the greatest British producers of trucks, buses, coaches and even engines for industrial and marine applications.

RPC UK have been supplying some of the greatest truck brands all over the world for over 40 years and we are proud to have these trucks as part of our collection. Our stock is always changing so look out for when we have Scania Trucks for Sale.

We only sell products that we recognise and trust which is why we tend to focus on a selected few brands that we know will provide high levels of customer satisfaction.

A Quick History of Scania

Scania have been around for over 120 years. They first began with the production of railway carriages. The company was originally called Vagnfabriksaktiebolaget I Södertälje or the Wagon Factory Ltd in Södertälje, Sweden. This was later shortened to Vabis (thankfully). However, a rival company called ‘Scania’ started in 1900.

Vabis continued to expand its interests and went into developing cars and trucks. In 1902 the first truck was produced and in 1911 Scania and Vabis decided to combine their companies together to enable greater production in response to an ever rising demand.

As time moved on so did the technology and in 1969 Scania merged with Saab. Much later in 2008 Volkswagen became the main owner of Scania. Although its ownership has continually evolved over the decades, Scania’s dedication to customer service, respect and quality has remained constant.

We have always stocked Scania trucks because we know that they are a highly respected brand that can be relied upon. We sell Scania trucks of all sizes / types.

If you have any queries regarding any of our ranges please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to give all the help and advice that you need in order to make the best decision for you.